Increasing Default Forum Text Size - How to

Had asked the question, as I found the default text size here VERY small on my laptop screen. I would guess 8 pixels or so, possibly.

Arteteco mentioned there was a setting to adjust it - and there IS one. Found it. and Life is better now. :sunny: :wink:

Leaving a pointer here for other and future Users who want Bigger TEXT, please… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Click on your User icon at Top Right corner of the forum window.

  • Select Preferences from the list of icons that is displayed :slight_smile:

  • Click on that Gear one. It will open a large window with lots of submenus.

  • on the list at Left side, select “Interface”.

  • Then “Text Size” is there; click and a pull down will display available choices.

I am using Larger now and it’s much easier on the eyes.