How to use these Forums? Discourse New User Guide


It is Nice to have a Forum as part of our QOTO instance group of services. Each service has its own focus, and Discourse is a nice way to keep conversations visible for longer times.

Our posts in Mastodon are still there, but buried under many more we add to our profiles daily, while here a discussion has a more visible “Home”.

We can refer to threads we post here, helping new users, and ourselves at the same time. No more “I did write something about that…”, or similar. :wink:

We have emojis, text formatting with Bold and Italic, Images, attachments and more.

To get started or to refresh your skills, learn some new ones and make your posts prettier - How about Reading the Friendly Manual? RTFM has always been a recommendation in tech and science circles. :wink:

The developers team at Discourse created a New User Guide, and I won’t copy it here - but just provide this anchor and a pointer to their Guide.

It’s located at :

A screenshot of their pages :slight_smile: