How to create Better Looking and More Effective Forum Posts

Thanks for all the posts, Paul.

May I offer a suggestion or two? I would include a short introduction to the subject of a post like this one.

For example : (on next post, so it stands out by itself)


Diversity in Stem

It is groups of people of different race, gender , etc that give a company the diversity they need to reach their full potential. He explains three important reasons that diversity in STEM fields is important: All of these points lead back to the main idea that diversity is needed in STEM to allow future growth.

source : Diversity in STEM

Additional Information :

A few links to highlight initiatives to help improve diversity in Tech and STEM.

Comments :

Which is the info from your post above, but now with an intro to the subject, a little colour from a related image. And some typography love. H2 header used on title. All other text regular size. Light formatting.

I would normally use a Wikipedia page for an intro snippet. This all came from a quick Bing search.

Just gone in and made the changes you suggested to the original post.

Is there a way to give other admins access to posts, so that they can edit and add additional information etc?


Yes, as a Mod I can do a lot of Magic.

Like I just did – moving all of those post off, to the Discourse Forum, to serve as a Guide and Suggestion to new users.

While leaving your topic clean, since the first post and mine were identical. Thanks for considering and accepting my suggestion, it does look a lot better.

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