"How about spending some time at other Instance's Local Timelines?" - Love it

Hei Fediversians…

Starting the day, coffee is on, and just had the first interesting little talk. WE had a little chat going at QOTO’s local timeline, and then Namark came in and dropped a little gem. :slight_smile:


That post is here: https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@namark/103288997050624664

I liked it, replied to it, and think it’s so important as to be nice to include it on a running collection of interesting things I see daily - until I get my blog going full tilt, this forum is equaly nice to post some of those on.

So here’s my reply…

I think that is an excellent idea. I have various accounts, as a way to see what other places are like.

There’s nothing comparable to seeing them first hand, as we will get the pulse of the place, seeing all that is there.

We might see some of their content if we follow one or more of their users, and maybe see some of their local posts boosted by them. But that is not the full experience.

I love the Pinafore client for mastodon, and one of the things it does really well, apart from being very fast, is easily supporting switching between different instances. A couple clicks and it can change from instance A to B, C or D. You can also have custom color themes for each of them if that helps not confusing where you are currently.

The fediverse is rich, and the fact each instance can have it’s own personality is wonderful. Nice to be able to find good ones that fit our personal affinities.

Have another one at least in mind I should be joining, as I like the people from there I have met so far, they are progressive and I think I should enjoy it.

Below, screenshot of Pinafore settings for instance selection, adding new ones.


@khird @realcaseyrollins


And Namark saw and replied to my post, mentioning that being less eager and earnest might be a smart self preservation move. :slight_smile:

Adding his comment for posterity. :wink:


It’s interesting that he mentions the possibility of interacting with other instances, see their true, current Local feed, without having to register there.

I will have to try this, Fedilab Lite is installed on my seldom used (as a fediverse tool) mobile. Will do and add my findings, if any. Thanks again, Namark.