Getting Bombarded again ? Crawlers, forum server slowing down again

Just logged in, and Discourse is sluggish.

Admin panel shows traffic is UP for this week :+1:

These crawlers, I find them a nuisance.

and wouldn’t mind a #NOROBOTS applied here, sincerely. Argh. Sh1t.

Wow! Quite impressive. But wouldn’t a NOROBOTS kill any chance for a post to come up in search engine results?

Yes, it would – and that has been Freemo’s concern when I raised this before.

But to have the Forum operational and responsive is for me MUCH more important than some future users randomly finding one of the local posts in a search.

Sadly, these Forums are Wonderful – see my posts with Full featured Blog posts, this allows ALL of it, the same features and layout.

BUT we get very little user participation, except when some hot discussion is in progress and we link and promote it via mastodon instance.

I see the Forums as a local QOTO resource primarily - for users, by users, to do what mastodon SUCKS egg at, like posting something with inline images, text formatting ,etc.

I agree, Discourse is awesome and it offers the formatting that I miss so much in mastodon.

I hope the crawlers issue is temporary.

It has been responsive to me, and is right now.

I can increase resources, has it been stalling out again for you?

Everything is fine for me. There are times that a page will take some time to load, but it is not the usual case.

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Oh, yes. The scrolling, loading, seems like Windows 98 booting up when I open the browser tab cold.

Could you reduce that crawler load, any priority settings possible?

No trivial way to reduce the crawler load that I know of… Chances are ill just need to up the memory.

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