Forum Usage picking up!

Month graph show a nice growth!

Thank you to our new members who are making it happen – creating new topics, replies and comments, or just reading quietly.

All good! TY.

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Just invited one of the YP who attends the tech jam to join, so fingers cross. need to invite a few more tomorrow. but hopefully things will pick up as the word gets out.

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Thank you, Paul – more people will bring more dynamism, it’s amazing what a few good people together can accomplish.

Like what we have going on in the instance currently. I am very pleased, two months ago it was absolutely dismal, and I considered leaving in disgust.

A few changes, some encouragement, participation and we have a lively social Feed once again, that is wonderful.

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There is something I’m afraid of is that excitement wears off…

I would love to have your take on this.
I know for myself that time and time again, there is a drop of interaction at some stage.

Maybe that is linked to the themes of the toot’s thread not relating enough to each individual interest.

On a personal note, I’m very curious of open source ethic but I’m not a dev and my thing is more of a life coach interested in resilient systems, personal development, ethic…

I didn’t know what to expect from the Fediverse but I wanted to have more authentic chat rather than the fake feeling I can get on LinkedIn. I definitely feel happy about it.

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There is the danger of things wearing off, but if we keep conversations going, esp last night it was really vibrant, and engaging.

Keep content fresh and engaging, so one of the nice things about posting cutting edge news reports directly from the research paper publishers is the media don’t have their non science interpretation, if you’re interested you can read the actual research paper and discuss, it does treat the end user as more intelligent and capable of that.

I think from your life coach viewpoint you can see this as a research opportunity, a lot of mainstream social media does seem to be causing anxiety and mental health issues for example, so here there is a different perspective. which could mean you signpost people to the fediverse. as it is a better forum, but that perspective is from your experience of being here.

The ways the free and open source software work together is seen as a model and an example of things like community of practice, so we work together, build solutions and if we need help we have other communities to call on for help.

If you look in twitter there is a lot of current Covid19 or Black Lives Matter and not much else, there is so much going on in the world people miss out on as it isn’t trending.

Lets keep the conversation going.

I think a discussion on the differences between Free Software and Open source is needed too.,


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