Extreme Right in USA and the use of Hawaiian Print -- the Yearning for a new Civil War

This topic is a collage of 13 tweets made by Professor Reece Jones


I found it outstanding on the clarity of the explanations, and the included images are quite good. These people are extremists, and some would call them aspiring domestic terrorists.

Preparing a all in one post, possibly a Blog post, to make it known here in the Fediverse too. Stage 1, getting it all together here in this topic.

Thanks to Professor R. Jones for this – bone chilling, but it’s best to be informed before things go weird and bloody.

Folllowing blocks are his original Tweets with illustrations included.

With growing alarm, I’ve watched armed white men protesting around the US. But, as a Hawai’i resident, I’ve wondered specifically about the reoccurring presence of aloha shirts. Here is a THREAD explaining the odd and concerning story behind it 1/13


The aloha prints are not just in shirts, but also in far right iconography, like this. What does the aloha spirit of the islands (along with igloos?) have to do with right wing militias? Read on… 2/13


It all starts with 1984 film Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Wait, what? Don’t worry, it will kind of make sense… 3/13

Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo was a flop but became a cult film because of how bad it was. Fast forward to the 2010s and the rise of online message boards like reddit, 4chan, and 8chan where the film became a meme 4/13


On these message boards, the far right has found a place to joke around with each other, create memes, but also to make plans. One reoccurring theme is the idea that the government is coming for their guns 5/13

The fear that guns could be taken away has led to talk of a second civil war, fueled by conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones at infowars 6/13

[ “A short history of Alex Jones claiming that the left is about to start a second Civil War” ]


As can only happen on the internet, the talk of the second civil war merged with the Breakin’ 2 memes, spawning Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo. Eventually, “the Boogaloo” became the term for the second civil war 7/13

[ “The Boogaloo: Extremists’ New Slang Term for A Coming Civil War” ]


As memes are wont to do, Boogaloo evolved further into other cognate phrases, like Big igloo 8/13

Another cognate for Boogaloo is Big Luau 9/13

Sometimes Big Igloo and Big Luau merge, but they always mean boogaloo, which means civil war 2 10/13

So when you see people at far right protests with igloos and aloha attire, they are saying they are ready to fight the second civil war 11/13


In the second civil war, they will trade muskets for for aloha print AK-47s 12/13


I know this all seems like a joke and easy to dismiss, but that is part of their strategy to lure in young men and downplay what they are talking about. It is deadly serious. These men are preparing for a civil war. end/13


Thanks to


for explaining this to me.


Thanks for sharing! I don’t know much about the Boogaloo Boys (which is what these folks are commonly known as), but I actually am one of the people who thinks that the Boogaloo (Civil War II) has a high chance of happening. I’m not a fan of the Boolagoo Boys though, they seem a bit too aggressive for my tastes. It’s one thing to defend yourself against violence, but from what I’ve heard about these people, they seem to be gearing up to commit violence against the other side.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of the left and am not one to excuse their violence, but I must apply the same principles to my own camp. I can’t in good faith support a group that wants to attack people.

P.S. If there ever is a Boogaloo, based on what you’ve shared here, it seems that the odds are with the Boogaloo Boys. They are getting militant weapons training, while the Antifa Bros are only practicing hand-to-hand combat.

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Great to have you replying here, Casey – and Thank you!

I had seen you mention these people on a toot yesterday, and that rekindled my idea of posting this once again. I had made a toot at Hackers.Town with link to the original, but presenting the whole post is much better for comprehension.

Indeed I have the same impression – the people we see in the photos are not survivalists, people wanting personal protection and to defend their families in case of conflict. They are aggressive, and using weapons of war, sadly in open circulation in the US.

I imagine a number of them would be ex-military, with professional training and even PTSD from war campaigns the federal government has maintained for many years, in various parts of the world.

In a conflict, those people will turn into brutal killers, no doubt, and they will know how to use military grade weapons, explosives and how to train civilians to join them.

The left side is nowhere as armed or experienced, and any conflict will escalate quickly into bloody carnage.

Maybe an excuse for imposition of extreme measures by an unpopular federal administration, who loves and thrives in fomenting dissent, hatreds and division.

This is brewing domestic terrorism, and should be denounced and treated like what it is.

Here in the UK we have a Prevent strategy, as a result of that, all staff in schools for example, have a legal duty to report any activity that suggests someone may be radicalized in to extreme groupsor at risk of this, The far right is seen here too as a threat and in fact I think a bigger threat than Islamic based terrorism.

There is also the channel process which is designed to take that individual and try and i think channel them in to better more productive and positive activities, rather than going down the legal / prosecution route which in turn could make a vulnerable person, more unemployable with a criminal record.

I did a training course to help raise awareness of prevent the far right have lots of ways to hide what they say so for example 88 looks innocent, now take the two numbers as 8 and 8, look at the 8th letters of the alphabet, and you get H H and look at the far right NAZI link and work out what the 8 8 means.

Lots of other tactics to avoid speaking something that will land you in trouble this is a sort of code they can use between them, designed to make the most vile statement sound innocent.

Very clever, and also in some cases will make what is unintentional the opposite as you are, intentionally hiding what you’re saying in code.

The rise of the far right is very worrying and,proves we, among other things need to improve education and put more money in to positive activities for everyone.

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Well frankly I’m not sure that public education (at least in America) causes people to become alt right, here in America it tends to turn people progressive (far left).

But I think one reason that the far left, alt right, and yes even classical/traditional liberals (see Tim Pool) have been gaining traction is because they appear to stand by their convictions. Republicans, who are the standard-bearers of mainstream conservatism are farcically ineffective and unprincipled, and the Democrats (as well as Americans who are conservative) that aren’t far left tend to keep their mouth shut and do nothing.

But the far left? The alt right? They’re exciting! They’re fighting for censorship, or free speech. They’re fighting for tighter regulations, or in some cases more freedom. In any case, at least one can say that they’re actually fighting for something.

Nobody wants to be on a team with teammates who don’t care if they win or lose, and that’s why the mainstream right and left are failing rn. IMHO.

I think if you teach people who aren’t radical that it’s okay to still stand by your convictions and fight for what you think is right, that would go a long way in solving this problem.


I agree especially with the last paragraph

I think if you teach people who aren’t radical that it’s okay to still stand by your convictions and fight for what you think is right, that would go a long way in solving this problem.

Fighting for what is right should also be based on what you believe in which should be able to be backed up with evidence., (see research below)

Maybe education should focus on teaching the basics, (Reading Writing and Maths) plus and other subjects of course but also teach tolerance and respect, decency, equality etc.

Education also needs to be looking at preparing people for life as adults, teaching problem solving, team work etc.

Also teach about research and how to really read a subject and formulate and make proper arguments, backed by evidence, comprehend information so you are able to separate facts from the fiction people are sending out e.g 5G causes Covid19.


I would like to add that this strategy is probably deeply flawed, unfortunately. The list of potential terrorist groups has also included activist groups that act non-violently, like Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion and Peta.
No matter what you think about these organizations, mixing far right with environmental activism under the terrorism label is a threat to democracy. It could have the exact opposite effect than the intended, by making people indifferent to the rise of far right or distort the definition of terrorism. Not to mention, the opportunity to paint every group that challenges political power as a danger to society.

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Yeah, nothing is ever perfect, but it seems to be that most of the recent attacks were carried out people ‘known’ to the security services, not much consolation to those who are killed, or their families, friends.

Problem is with schools if you have a child pretending to be a suicide bomber you HAVE to report them (even primary school). Kids act out what they see / hear in the media, as adults we need to help kids understand and make sense of it, even though it is hard for the rest of us to do that too.

I was not actually aware that green peace was in their target list, so thanks for that, great thing about these forums we have more intelligent discussions,

Extinction rebellion (XR) do seem to be carrying out quite a lot of criminal damage and disruption, one man was held up trying to get to a hospital, and didn’t get a chance to be with his dad before he died, the XR person they spoke to didn’t seem to care that much.

If you’re going to protest fine, but surely it is a good idea to keep the general population on your side, how many of those 1000’s of protesters in London got there by sustainable means for example.

No easy fix. But it is a good idea to try and re-direct people to more positive activities, I guess this adds calls to de fund the police so we can, I dunno actually fund the positive activities properly (but that is a different discussion)

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NY Times has an article with some of the same photos used on these Tweets.

I can’t see anything positive happening until a new president takes over, hopefully in November 2020.