Error 404 on some top level, new topic posts ? (at one instance only)

A new topic, trying to figure out this 404 Error :

I have observed this for the past few days; only when trying to post a New Topic on Qoto’s instance.

Replying to another topic, a notification, no problems. And this has not happened elsewhere.

In web parlance, Error 404 is a missing file or resource, so I wonder what could be happening here.

Sent a Toot to Nolan asking. Will update if a response is found.

@nolan Good morning! Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Question - I am getting this 404 Error on #Pinafore when trying to post at the Local feed. Screen attached.

No error if I am responding to someone’s post. This is happening only on one instance,

What Could I do to solve? Logout could help?

Also, if you have any suggestions for existing sources for Pinafore help and tips, documentation – I will be collating any info I can find and posting in our PF forum. TY !


And I already received a Reply from Nolan.


…which led me to do some testing.

I used the Developer Tools in Firefox (accessed via the F12 key in any open page.

Went to the Network tab, which shows all traffic in the current web page – requests sent, replies received.

And – I discovered TWO things.

Screenshot of the Network panel :

Using the normal client version at

  • Here the 404 Error happened. I had seen this for days, and it was annoying me.
  • To the point to asking for help, not something I do easily – first trying to solve problems on my own.

Screenshot of the Network panel in this case :

And in the bottom, there’s the 404 Error in Pink.

My solution for now is to switch to using the Dev branch of Pinafore, as there appears to be a difference in the code which avoids the Error in the newest client.

Additional details on the missing (404) file :

Thank you Nolan for the assistance.

And to Ease my using the Dev version of Pinafore exclusively :

I am editing the Shortcut on the Frequently Used sites in my Firefox Browser (Waterfox actually).

Go to a New Tab. In the list of Top Sites, find the desired one to Edit.

Right Click on the ‘…’ menu at top right corner of shortcut icon.


And edit the URL field - adding the ‘dev’ word will load the Development, Beta version of Pinafore from the shortcut from now on. So, instead of : we will use —>

Save, and Done. :smiley_cat: