Drake Equation Calculator

Drake Equation Calculator


I decided to write a small python/tk program, to help solve figures in the Drake Equation.

Background information

Quoted from Wikipedia [1]

The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to estimate the number of active, communicative extraterrestrial civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.


Project so far

It is still work in progress, but it essentially allows figures to put put in and a figure to be displayed. As the article states the Equation is not meant to give a figure

but as a way to stimulate scientific dialogue

Gitlab and source code

I have put the project on the Qoto Hosted GitLab Instance However the project is Private so you will need an account and probably permission(s) to access this.


This is a basic screenshot of the application, it works but needs further enhancements, which are detailed on the project GitLab page.


You are welcome to contribute to this project,

  1. Please signup to Qoto.org in the first instance.

  2. Introduce yourself and tag me in @zleap

  3. Ask about joining the Discourse forum and GitLab instance

  4. You will need to tag in @freemo @design_RG (Admins)

  5. Sign up to the forums mentioned in 3

  6. Hopefully you will be able to git clone the project and contribute

  7. The README.md file has more information and a to-do list of jobs.

  8. Take part in further discussions on a range of topics.


  1. Drake Equation (Wikipedia)

Wonderful work Paul - Well done.

I would suggest a couple of small edits – on “3” above, you could get the URLs for both Forum and Git signups and bury them into the text, as hidden links.

Forum seems to be this.

Git uses this one

Clean and no need to ask you for directions.

If posting in mastodon, it doesn’t support the fancy links as I sue in GlitchSocial or Pleroma, but just include them, naked as needed in that case.

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Hi @design_RG

Cool, good idea, thanks. I made the changes, , I have set the project to private on github, which is fine as it stops people from just downloading. hopefully it can be improved.


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