Do we allow a user to have multiple accounts on QOTO -- which may be used for ban evasion?

We need to discuss our rules on multiple accounts now…

Obviously we dont allow multiple accounts for ban evasion, but that can be hard to determine, particularly if we talk about intentional ban evasion only.

Do we allow multiple accounts, and if so if we require them to list their alternate accounts?

As a general principle I would say No – with exceptions allowed upon asking staff, and explaining why this is being requested.

Anyone wishing accounts elsewhere can get them easily. If they value what Qoto has to offer, I think it’s reasonable to ask why is a secondary account needed.

And it should have info on it mentioning the other, possibly main account of the user.

Too many accounts already inactive, I would personally clean up older ones, as the numbers don’t reflect the reality of the instance. Pointless, Quality trumps quantity in my books. But that’s for anther day, another topic and discussion, Mary Kondo could help. :smile_cat:

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The main argument was that some people like to use alt accounts so they can separate out the material they post. I see no issue with needing to request it.

To me inactive users really do nothing to hurt the quality of the instance. Moreover users have data on their account that they should be allowed to access (old posts for example on old inactive accounts). I also wouldnt say it misrepresents the server as the purpose of the active user count being displays is so users are aware of the active count.

Generally though I’d agree, lets say no multiple accounts allowed without linking to their alt accounts and perhaps requiring moderator permission first.

I should have been more clear on my off topic comment on inactive users – I meant the zero posts, never a peep type.

Those I would personally cull after one year more or less.

Back on topic : Yes, this should be stated as "Ask and Explain" before creating an account.

Staff agreement required, and obtained. A record will be kept, these could be done via the Discourse forum – as it makes it a lot easier to locate those in the future if required.

I suggest the Mastodon subforum, so it does not clog our work area here. User can create a new topic there, and insert Staff attributions for attention and processing.

fair. I really see no argument to keep them or any argument against that. Then again I also see no reason to cull them. they do nothing to detract from the instance and would give people a deceptive impression of how active our server is (make our active user ratio appear higher than it is)…

either way I would have no issue with handling those accounts either way.

Though keep in mind if we suspend them then they cant open up a new account later. There is currently no way to purge them without suspending. So it may have a negative effect on people who come back to open account years after without really having much of an advantage.

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I don’t really care if users have multiple account. I myself sometimes have multiple accounts on places, to separate identities and post about different stuff.
I’d say that it shouldn’t be done for ban/block evasion or similar, but as long as the content is alright I don’t see a problem with it, it’s just more work for us to read it and accept it, and for them to write

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I see your point, and for reasonable people it would be perfectly fine - but then there’s the jerks like the spammers of pirated video streams and other crap.

And this ongoing spying and creating multiple reports on some users, who post in a language nobody in staff knows.

This second class of user needs to be detained, and making a request for previous permission is a fairly low barrier to using a secondary account if they need it for legitimate reasons. ADD - to our wording on the final clause, that when requesting, a reason/rationale for the need for the extra account has to be submitted.

Uses of the account for unacceptable things under ToS – Suspension of BOTH accounts. So people will play nice.

So far it hasn’t happened much and I think the restriction pose by that box of “explain why you want to join” will be enough. I mean, I’m rejecting tons of accounts daily, and it’s such a great feeling!

I rather take measures when things happen than restrict freedom in advance (and get myself more work to do), but you may be right.

I wouldn’t ban both accounts if one is going against our ToS. Why lose good quality content? Just warn him, suspend that second account and done


Ok, that is a good compromise. :slight_smile:

the big issue is just that its hard to know when someone is intentionally violating a block. If someone creaes a second account what of all the people that blocked the original so as to hide their toots?

We wouldn’t know that even if the person writes us for approval of a second account.

I’d go with an “innocent until proven guilty” mindset, kick back and let people be people, but maybe it’s just the warmth of spring


OMG, you have that? It’s been chilly here, we had snow flurries last week. Been staying inside, too cold for bike ride, just read and write a lot. Sunny now, but I think it maybe around 6 C or so.

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23°C, sunny, this month only 2 days of light rain, just enough to water the plants.

One of the best May I’ve seen in years… of course it had to happen during a lockdown =D

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Wait, there is an outside ?