Diversity in STEM

diversity in stem

Diversity in Stem

It is groups of people of different race, gender , etc that give a company the diversity they need to reach their full potential. He explains three important reasons that diversity in STEM fields is important: All of these points lead back to the main idea that diversity is needed in STEM to allow future growth.

Additional Information :

A few links to highlight initiatives to help improve diversity in Tech and STEM.

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I found this on IOP Science today so shared on the Qoto Instance but it is also very appropriate here.

This is a really good move and will hopefully encourage more diversity in STEM.


NASA names headquarters after its first black female engineer, “Hidden Figure” Mary W. Jackson

I’m ashamed to say that before seeing that movie I didn’t know about these amazing women.
Thanks for the news and putting it here.

Another page of the nasa’s hidden figures.

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Neither had I, Hopefully this section will start to build up links to forgotten pioneers, and the people behind the scenes without whom none of the space race would have happened.

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I really hope so.

Did you enjoy the movie?

Not seen the movie Hidden Figures yet, but the video clip was interesting, a step in the right direction, in some ways I don’t want the news to give profiles, the news can be far too short, to this end I have added some links reply above.

Hopefully our local library will have a copy of the movie in

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This is a list to resources and information about Black, Black Women and Women within STEM. Hopefully there will be some inspiration here to encourage minority and under represented groups to take an interest in STEM and follow in their footsteps.

Please feel free to sign up to this forum and discuss more in the comments.

Dorothy Vaughan Biography


Mary Jackson Biography


Katherine Johnson Biography


Mae Jemison, First African American Woman in Space


Astronaut Kalpana Chawla (1961-2003)


Bletchley Park, Uk

Lots of Women worked here during WWII as code breakers etc

Marie Curie

Marie Curie (1867–1934)

Famous Black Scientists

8 Black Female Scientists and Inventors You Should Know


15 Famous Black Scientists in History


In honour of Hispanic Heritage Month

An evolving list of influential Hispanic and Latinx scientists

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Let us know when you’ve seen it.
Like a blog post would be so cool.