Did a supernova trigger the late Devonian extinction? Physics world article 30th July 2020

Physics world article 30th July 2020

I have also posted this on my website, so have copied in here too. As it relates to both the article and a question regarding this on the Science Forums website.

This posts relates to an article on Physics World on 30th July 2020 on a recent discovery.

Before we go further, the following two links may be useful for further reading:

I have started a thread on Science Forums regarding this which can be found here

So my question on there, relates more to Mars and what the effect of this radiation would have on Mars and if there was life, given, what seems to be lower protection from radiation. I asked if the effect on any life would have be more catastrophic.

This is assuming that any protective barrier is as it is now, the article at [2] may suggest it has changed over time.

The protection(s) offered on Earth and Mars is discussed below.

1 What Protects the Earth From Harmful Solar Flares?

Updated March 10, 2018
By Tammie Painter

I found an article in EOS.org on the Magnetic field around Mars

2 How Mars’s Magnetic Field Let Its Atmosphere Slip Away

By Mark Zastrow 31 March 2020, this article seems to draw on article in “Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics”

So as the main article is citing several elements:

It may also be a good idea to look at the decay of these elements.

Reference Samarium, this article by Tudor Vieru on Apr 4, 2012 may be interesting Half-Life of Samarium-146 Refined

Andy Brunning - Royal Society of Chemistry created some info graphics on the elements listed above. They can be found on the Compound Interest which is where I got them from.