Conditions for a nextcloud account

So, a simple few lines to make life easier both to us and the users who want a nextcloud account.

On a sidenote, people who log in with github and such make life difficult for me to verify… should we maybe turn the feature off?

Yo there

Nextcloud is an open source file sync and share software, but by using plugins it goes beyond that: you can do polls, share notes, sync your browser bookmarks across different devices, use it as mail client and more.

As it is quite resource hungry, and it is offered as a complementary service to those who are active in, you must be an active user on the mastodon qoto instance to register.

How to register

If you are a regular user and would like to also use nextcloud, that’s great. Create an account on using the same username you have in your mastodon instance and expect a DM from a mod in a matter of days to activate your account.

If for some reason you wish to use a different username, that’s fine: create the account on the cloud and DM mods to tell them that you created that account.

We also offer login via github and google. Your account will be disabled at the signup though, and you’ll see an “Error: account disabled”. Reach out to a mod from to enable it

What do we mean by active

As a rule of thumb, more than 50 posts and over 1 month old account should do

The same Terms of Service of apply here

I can approve this.

As for deactivating github logins a few thoughts, though i will go with whatever you feel is best

  1. existing users who use github login might get locked out and have trouble recovering

  2. we are an instance for STEM users which means lots of developers who like github

  3. github login is probably the closest we can get to a single login across multiple services, it does make it easier for them as they dont need to remember tons of usernames

  4. I would say this can be easily resolved by just requiring users to approach us. Let them sign up with whatever username or login they want and make it so the default quota is so low that it wont be an issue (Effectively 0), then they would need to actively take the time to reach out to you to increase the quota.

Your solution makes total sense. I edited my post to include this solution

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I’ll wait for everyone to speak their mind if they so wish, then I’ll add this text to the terms of service tomorrow.

Meanwhile I set the social login so that new users are disabled by default and must be manually activated

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Good by me, thanks.

I am the very model of a major general (text added to reach 20 character minimum for a post, lol)

Seems like the terms and service plugin we have doesn’t apply to registration, only in sharing with other nextcloud users or something.
I’ll see if I can set it up somehow, otherwise I’d need @Freemo’s help :upside_down_face:

How can I help? Need a different plugin?

I am quite surprised, but no: there is no plugin available and no builtin feature to add a ToS to a user registration process, or to customize the registration email.This is very weird.
We may have to do some hack if we really want this, like putting a link to a ToS page in home page… point is, it would be wiped at every upgrade.

What do you reckon is the easiest way to handle this?

I’ll open an issue about it later

I’ll have to investigate. We could of course hack the source but thats a lot of added work for such a small “feature”…

My thought exactly, there has to be an easier way. I’ll ask later to support channels, open an issue and report back

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I just logged in to our nextcloud instance. Seems you must have gotten the ToS updated somehow afterall, I see this pop up and it asks me to read and confir before continuing.

Hi, this does not work as intended though: the user must already have an account and access it in order to see this message.
I opened an issue on github to add a terms and condition to the registration, which anyway should be kind of a standard thing to do, I’ll keep you updated.

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