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This page will mirror the content that is on my Paignton Code Club blog., specifically the going further


At code club you, are encouraged to take your learning further. I therefore try to signpost attendees to other learning opportunities, this could be courses, videos, or reading materials.

In addition to the Code Club resources, we have been using other online resources to help with learning

Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp offers a range of self paced courses. At code club we are following their. Responsive Web Design course (approx 300 hours).

If you don’t want to do this and just want to learn some basics then their HTML/CSS 11 Hour course may be a better option.

Everything is designed to be completed in browser and there is help available if you get stuck or are not sure on something. This is a web based development environment, This complements FreeCodeCamp in that you can practice what you are learning and can in fact, copy /paste directly from FreeCodeCamp to and learn further. supports the following:-

So you are also free to have a go at making games, working with others really helps with this.

I am on as @zleap

Harvard CS50)

Free Code Camp

Follow FreeCodeCamp On twitter or once you are signed up they will send you lots of really good additional learning opportunities in a regular newsletter.


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