Cat Posting Accounts for FFF-- Felines Follow on Fridays

Notes for a regular, weekly release post.

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+++ Now with 15% more cats! +++


Miaou est une instance Mastodon faisant partie des CHATONS avec une forte orientation geek aimant l’open source, le libre et les chats



:cat:Meow, meow, meow!:cat:

#cat #cats #kitten #kittens


Cat Posting

Cat Posting Bot is unbeatable for quantity. Some of you might not see his/her account, since it’s on Pawoo, and that is blocked in some instances.


totally not a kitten spambot #inPURRection #stopkittenban one #kitten each 5 hours


A cat owner living in Japan.
I will toot my cat pics, and boost cats living in mastodon:smirk_cat:
#cats #猫 #グレー猫


秋 – Autumn

Japanes cat lover profile, thousands of great photos.

( referred courtesy of Casey - thank you! )



> Juja <
 ̄Y^Y^Y^Y ̄
Me, Ein mar Espresso Bitte. [One Espresso, please]
Starbucks’ sister "Tell me your name. 」
I’m Yuya.
Your sister said, "All right. Wait a minute! 」


(Ponkan nicodo contributor)
超カレーに差し入れしたらぽかーんさんと呼ばれた(ヽ’ω`) 若林ィィィ(#゚Д゚)

When I put it in a super curry, I was called Pokan-san.

Translating Japanese is difficult, and a lots of meaning is lost – but this account has some great Cat images. Check it out.


Smile Souriez Cheese ;) [ Smile and say Cheese ] JP has lots of Photos in his account, including many of cute cats, kittens, etc. It can be a great place to see what he has discovered recently too – I found Ponkan-san above from JP’s stream. :smiley_cat:


# 猫警部✅ ᓚᘏᗢ ニャー

Cat Inspector :white_check_mark: ᓚᘏᗢ Meow

:heart_eyes_cat: x 2 cat lovers ♪ details see supplementary information. Nikon D850/D500/D5500 SONY A6600 photography is being studied.


ソマリ🐾 (Somali)

I live with Sou somali cat.
Nice to meet meow🐈️

BlogBlogger profile


貧乏 (Poor)

I’m tired of the days of saving.
Seems to be an economic DV. No savings.



my own account, humbly sharing Twitter imported feline cuties since 2019

See my Cats photo Gallery here

image Mastodon instance

“Cat” (cat) and “gram” (written) are examples of the theme of posts about cats. We would like to make it a place where we can announce photos, events, consultation, etc., but since the number of users is small now, we are looking for people who can participate. Opened: 2017-06-29.

Have now joined and it will be the Primary account for ALL my Cat Photos posting from now on. No longer I will need to worry if I am abusing people’s patience, when posting a batch of Feline cute photos I just discovered from my Twitter friends.

See my Cats photo Gallery here

Cats, always better with company. Just hangin’ out.

And it’s #FurryFriday but Also #FF or #FollowFriday

So I thought – why not post a neat Referral to our feline loving Fediverse accounts that are present in these hashes ?

#cats #mastocats #catsofMastodon #meow #xp

Here’s my new idea, for a #FFF or FelinesFollowFridays (the short tag better?)

Some cool accounts to follow if you enjoy seeing Cats. Here’s some of mine :

  • Georgia’s neat and Curated (selected photos, always tops ) --> @cats

  • Cat Posting Bot is unbeatable for quantity. Some of you might not see his/her account, since it’s on Pawoo, and that is blocked in some instances.

Find a BETTER instance without restrictions, maybe? Cat posting Bot is ----> @catpostingbot

  • my own account, humbly sharing Twitter imported feline cuties since 2019 —> @design_RG

  • NEW find, Kittens Galore ! —> @gattini

  • fellow Japanese Feline lover --> @catstar

I even thought of checking the Trunk site – but sadly there’s NO Cats topic. Dogs have one. We Want One.

Any suggestions to add? Msg me, will add on a future repost. Thank you…

I guess the only thing that I can contribute to the discussion is that #FFF could be mistaken for Fridays For Future. :smiley_cat:

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Aaah – thank you. I will have to check on that, see if there’s traffic.

Jotted down those here last night, to organize for the next time I put out a FF post. Found the reference post from last week via the FFF tag indeed. :smile_cat:

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And once again, Thanks are due to Casey Rollins!

…who just sent me a pointer to another Cat lover posting images.


Which I am not editing and adding to the post above.

Casey also pointed to – a Japanese mastodon instance which seems to be the Instagram of Japanese Neko culture!

…where I found some other accounts in the Profile Directory, all cat lovers posting Feline beauty snaps.

A copy of my mastodon post, yesterday, announcing my moving my Cats posts.

@hansw will be glad to know I have found a new Home for all my Cat photos – just today.

And I am happy to see the members at the community welcoming my arrival and the photos I am bringing there.

My Cat posts will be mostly at this NEW location, my very first account in a Japanese instance.

@yann2 -->

I am very happy to have found a place where all users are Cat Lovers and will not be bothered if I post too many pics.

Surprised and happy to see their Favouriting and Boosting my posts. As well as Fediverse users from all over the world already finding and reacting to my posts as well.

#cats #mastocats #meow