Assigning Colour Themes to differentiate Instances at a Glance

A transcription from a Toot reply in Mastodon.

Introduction :

Coralie has just started trying out and using the Pinafore client, after listening to my recommendations – on how light and fast it is, and how easily it makes having multiple Instances accounts.

It is really a delight, we can change from one to another very quickly, plus it’s perfectly possible to run 2, or 3, or 4 tabs with Pinafore loaded.

And yet, each displaying a different Instance.

This makes navigation, monitoring different accounts and doing publishing publicity runs quite easy, quick.

So Coralie has tried and now has two instances configured. But is a bit cautious of maybe confusing WHERE this tab location is. :smile_cat:

Not to worry – an Easy solution exists. Let’s assign a colour Theme to each instance, or at least the ones we use most.

Selecting Colour Themes for our various instances in Pinafore


The same I used at mamot.
I think that if I’m using the same pages and layout I might confuse myself but I love the easy set up.

  • Go into Settings and select one of the instances you have configured ( ** hint – Click on the Star in the right, and it’s a ONE click switch, instantaneous*).

  • Done that? Now go into Settings --> General Settings.

  • Slide to the Bottom of the page.

  • and select one of the many Themes - Light or Dark, whichever you prefer.

Screenshot shows possible Pinafore colour themes :


  • that theme becomes the Default for the current instance, and by selecting different ones, we can tell we are in one place or another.

There’s lots of choices and the client is really a delight to use.

#Pinafore Client is Tops. #Fediverse #NewUsers

In response to :

…but posted at top level so people can see it.

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I definitely agree with Rob G. and thanks to you and your coll pedagogy I can navigate through things quite nicely.
Now i have to deal with the vitality of the instances :yum:
I hope i can keep up! :sweat_smile:

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Welcome to the Forums Coralie!!! :smiley_cat:

Hope you enjoy them here too.

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You have already proven a very fast learner, and your curiosity drives me too – a lot of the post above, almost all of it, was from our conversation on the instance yesterday.

I even linked it in as well – I like to keep that, so people who are curious can look at the whole context.

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I’m so glad about it.
I love stimulating anyway.
I feel I’m an enthusiasm sourceress.