About the Moderation category

This is a section where the qoto mods can discuss moderation and related issues in a transparent way.

AFAIK no other instance has a completely transparent mod decision making, and there may be some reason: this is an experiment, we’ll see how this goes.

We all hope that it improves the communication and collaboration between people, but if it just gives more trouble, for example difficulty in handling reports with sensible information, we may decide to close it or use it just for some more public matters.

Simple mod actions which do not require a confrontation between us, like silencing a spam account and such, will not be reported here as it would take too much time to keep this updated.

I’m glad to say that in 3 weeks the only 2 mod matters that required a confrontation between mods have been all posted here. Everything has been transparent so far.
And yes, in case there will ever be in the future a matter that we decide not to discuss publicly, we’ll at least let everybody know here and the reasons why.

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