A strange pattern detected


WE have a user here at Qoto that comes and goes, each time posting very dense blocks of text, titled “Newspunch”. Usually not much reaction from local users that I have noticed. The posts are so long and dense that reading is difficult as well.

However, what got my attention is that the user posted a different post, a link to a site called “edocr”, and there I found a file listing a large number of sites, with account names.

Four pages worth, and it seems this user is posting the same ‘package’ here and likely many or all of those other sites. That would not be normal user pattern, and could be analyzed as spammer, troll farm or state agent possibly.

the document I looked at is here : https://www.edocr.com/v/gdaoelde/drdejahang02/LINKS-08-12-2019-PROJECT-ONE

I downloaded a copy of the document for reference, in case it’s removed.

Here’s a small screencap, of page 1. Qoto is listed at page 3 of document.

The listing for Qoto links to : https://qoto.org/@drdej555

Dr-DeJahang–multiple-social-nets-spammer-questions.pdf (601.3 KB)

Thanks for the find. I will temporarly silence the account and reach out to him for comment.

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Here is my inquiry thread: https://qoto.org/@freemo/103277164163877694

His posts seem unusual as he doesnt hide what he is oing. As you will see many of hist posts appear to promote alternative social media on that list. In fact he even links to the list. It may not be spam as it appears, not sure. See the OP on the thread I linked.

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Updating the topic here so other Staff knows.

  • Admin sent user a Toot requesting a response. User did not respond to him, and there’s a chance he has blocked @Freemo account at Qoto.
  • User had a silence imposed by admin, received email notification.
  • and he did come here with questions. Not addressed to admin, but to me. Worse, posted as comments, off topic in threads I personally participated in.

and https://qoto.org/@drdej555/103278441926749901

I responded to his comment in my New User Guidelines thread via DM, explained he needed to contact admin, and requested that he removed the off-topic post from my carefully crafter thread.

No response received so far.

I would like to request that his post be Split from my thread if possible? Or removed, as an alternative. This is the thread I am referring to : https://qoto.org/@design_RG/103264263048404330

His post is the third one on the thread and was linked above, this one: https://qoto.org/@drdej555/103278389767344179

About 4 hours or so have passed since his posting these and our replies, both me and Freemo at the two threads.

My opinion is that he has blocked Freemo in the past and hasn’t seen his messages possibly.

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If he blocked me then I wouldnt be able to see his posts. At worst he has me muted.

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Yes, that makes sense, so possibly muted.

We have to wait some time and see what happens, then?

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User responded and apologized for breaking the rules regarding automated messages. I have unsilenced him and hopefully it wont be an issue again, he seems sincere. Closing this issue now.

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Good to know you have got a response and are satisfied.

I think we could think now in general terms on what he is doing - bombarding those long, dense, massive posts with some frequency — and doing that from multiple instances at the same time.

I personally think that innappropriate - thinking in storage for multiple copies of large toots, just so he can try to gain expousre to his message.

Without going the content of the messages, I find this a bit abusive of the system, the whole fediverse.

Wonder what would #mastoadmin people think, specially if theirs was one of the instances he pumps his feed thru.

I would suggest maybe you could discuss this with some other admin colleague? TY!

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He promised he wouldnt post automatically or post the same content to multiple instances. So hopefully your concerns have went away. If you notice him continuing in this behavior despite his promise we will have to silence him a second time and have a more serious talk. For now he said he will stop…

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Excellent, thank you, glad you see the broadcasting he was into as not proper, and that he promised to not do it. Cheers, TY. :+1:

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Yea the broadcasting was a bigger issue than the posts being automated really. But both were related here.

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