A new Forum now open to anyone interested -- and it's Flarum, a new alternative to Discourse

Wonderful to see a new Forum up and available for peopleThank you Leonie and Zack.

I just saw your reply to a comment in mastodon/Pleroma messages, and was glad to see you got it installed and running.

And it’s even a new type of Forum, I have used Discourse quite a bit recently but not seen Discuss. Looks good and has the essentials for me, that are so sadly missing in Mastodon in most cases:

  • enhanced text formatting as desired (here with MarkDown and BBcode supported).
  • In-line image placement, we can place an image anywhere in a post; not only at the end of it, like in normal mastodon practice.
  • Longer posts are no problem.

My first impressions are good – as I write this, I find the interface light and responsive, easier to use than Discourse which uses the two pane, side by side mode by default.

A Forum with all these features you described is basically as good as a Blog page for rich content posting. And CAN be used as a Draft building area for posts, later easily copied and pasted into the blog host.

I do use the Discourse forum like that sometimes, and a well crafted post can be directly imported into my Write.Freely blogs.

Forums add the Commenting that WF doesn’t have at this time (intentional, as they prefer to keep all ‘social distractions’ out of it).

Will be telling friends and posting about this.

Thanks for adding it, Leonie and Zack. Feels good!

** Originally posted at Koyu’s new Discuss Forum here.


It is great to see different forums and platforms being developed. This helps to ensure other forums don’t just stagnate but innovate too.

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Yes, I am happy to see this new development too.

For various reasons :

  • Public Forums in the internet open to all are becoming rare, it seems.
  • They do offer huge advantages compared to the micro-blog platforms.
  • and they might be more agnostic, avoiding some of the content blocking that is happening between mastodon instances.

This last part is quite significant – and affected any active Content Producer. Like myself, who have been affected and reflected, reported on the situation.

And now have taken action to avoid this and search for the best alternatives for my own work as an Author.

The Flarum software is different from Discourse, feels lighter and without some of the annoyances I experience here daily – the obtuse ‘This topic is similar to…’ crap is rather grating on my nerves.

Flarum has less hand-holding, and assumes you have an image host to use – no easy copy pasta an image into it like here. It takes external image links just fine though, and DOES NOT copy them to a local cache which Discourse insists on doing.

Leonie has made a wonderful structure in her subforums layout – many areas, clearly distinct. I think it’s easier there for a new user than in this particular one. (people get baffled by the weird and numerous subforums without a hierarchic view – expanding as you navigate deeper, and not all showing at the top level.

A new post by the admin outlining some of the features of Flarum :

Multiple languages

Coloured usernames
Push notifications
Details BBCode
Spoiler BBCode
Marking post as Best Answer
Embed support (automatically embedding YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Soundcloud etc.)
Ability for admins and mods to merge discussions
Social media icons in profile [ Including LIVE links to your accounts ]
User Bios
User directory
Profile covers
Ability to upload files

Some I had discovered while exploring the Forum yesterday – the ability to create personal account links is quite neat.

Screenshot of my profile - note the icons at the top, showing other accounts, and the mouse over popup with a description:


Nice work.

Are there any plans to offer this as an additional service,? perhaps not open to the public, but maybe for people who sign up to Qoto, so they can test out and discuss on the main instance. ?

Koyu has mentioned her Forum is open to anyone, we had a conversation about it just now.

Visit, take a look (there are very few posts as it’s only a day old or so) and register an account if desired.

A good password manager can keep track of the multitude of sites, accounts and passwords we need in modern web life, so it’s just one more login to save. Bit Warden is my personal choice for that.

Discuss.koyu.space is the URL. Open for Business. :wink:

I use flarum in a couple of projects and actively follow it.
One of the major blocks for using it is that it’s not in stable yet, and that development has been quite slow, but things have sped up a lot, last 2 version have come out very quickly and basically everything is stable except for the API as of now.
Standing to the devs, it’s not a promise but it’s very reasonable to assume that flarum will get to stable by the end of the year.

I like it a lot, only problem is composer which isn’t really usable in a cheap shared hosting without shell access… but that is something that they are planning to fix too

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Looks nice., a bit pink but I will check it out, thanks

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Yep, that’s Koyu’s touch. The instance has the same colour theme too. She just created a Misskey instance too.